Philippine Senator urged to remove Duterte as President

Rodrigo Duterte

Philippine Senator Leila de Lima urged the Cabinet to impeach the country’s President Rodrigo Duterte. The reason for demanding the resignation was his campaign against drug trafficking and involvement in “death squads”. About it reports Reuters.

The Senator, an ardent opponent of the President, acts for the liberation of the country from “serial killer”. In September last year, she initiated the investigation, accusing the head of state in unlawful killings in Davao city — Duterte was mayor of this city from 1998 to 2016. Later Lima and her colleagues were put forward counter-accusations in facilitating the drug trade.

Evidence of the involvement of Duterte to the murders was presented to the former police officer Arturo Lascannon 20 Feb. “I will not back down from this fight and I know I’m not alone. I ask all citizens to call the murderer of the President to justice,” said Askanas.

Despite the fact that the fight against drug trafficking has received wide support of the population, human rights organizations oppose the extrajudicial killings of citizens. After joining Duterte in the post on 30 June 2016, in the Philippines, killing more than 7,7 thousand people, about 2.2 thousand of them — as a result of police operations. The dissatisfaction of the activists who invoke the violation of the law, the President replied that the police only kills in self-defense, and the other victims at the hands of bandits.