In the USA the vandals painted the Washington monument

In the USA the vandals painted the Washington monument

Unknown in the United States caused the inscriptions on the Washington monument and the memorial to the soldiers of world war II. Reported by ABC News, citing the national parks Service.

The official representative of the Park police Anna rose reported that the inscription was discovered in Washington last weekend.

She said that the inscription on the Washington monument was linked to the murder of President Kennedy and the September 11 attacks.

According to the Park service, the inscriptions on both monuments suffered a similar handwriting, which proves that their author could be one person.

Graffiti of similar content was found in five places in the city, reports The Washington Post. Police are trying to determine the identity of the vandal with the help of CCTV cameras.

Graffiti discovered at WWII memorial, Washington Monument,Lincoln Memorial. Looks like marker @fox5dc @NPS_DC_Press

— Melanie Alnwick (@fox5melanie) 21 Feb 2017

The Washington monument is a granite obelisk with a height of 169 meters, which was built in 1848-1884 years between the White house and the Capitol in Washington as a monument to the first U.S. President George Washington.

The memorial to the soldiers of the Second World was opened in Washington in may 2004. The memorial is designed in the form of a pond, around which there are 56 columns adorned with Laurel wreaths.