Chaly told about the attempts of Sevastopol to exit Ukraine to “Russian spring”


RIA Novosti

The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Sevastopol, “the people’s mayor of Sevastopol” Alexey Chaly in an interview with TASS stated that Sevastopol has long wanted to be part of Russia, and attempts were made even before 2014, before the events of the so-called “Russian spring”.

“We can say that suitable conditions were a few, but until 2014 there was no legal opportunity to do so. In 2004-2005, the first time we were preparing for the coup in the “orange revolution”, – he said.

Chaly explained that the legal basis for such action could only occur at the occurrence of a period of lawlessness, but in 2004-2005, it did not happen.

According to him, this is a critical period was in 2008, during the war in South Ossetia, when the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko gave the command not to let the Russian black sea fleet at its main base in Sevastopol.

“Generally witty completely: armed fleet not to let on your own base. This is a provocation at a level close to a Declaration of war… Then we, too, were preparing to seize power in the city. But it didn’t work,” he added.

Chaly said that in 2014, “all out”, but the development was gradual. He told how in 2011-2012 a project of the EU “Eastern partnership” aimed at development of integration relations of the EU with the former Soviet republics, including Ukraine.

According to him, when there were plans to sign an Association agreement with the EU, in that moment, he realized that “this pipe actually”.

“We understand that you can lose the last hope of return to Russia”, – he added.

Chaly added that on 27 February 2014, when the “unknown people entered in the Supreme Council of Crimea and raised the Russian flag over it,” he realized that “the decision was made”.