The Turkish military has reported the destruction of 44 militants


The Turkish military killed in Syria per day 44 militant terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). It is reported by the Anadolu news Agency, citing data from the General staff of the Turkish armed forces.

The objects of the IG was applied 109 strikes from land and air. In which regions was carried out the bombing, not specified.

The most fierce fighting for several months was near the town of al-Bab. 16 Feb Turkish media reported about the liberation of the village from the militants, but at the same time came the message about the continuation of the city street fighting.

Turkey spends more than six months in Syria “operation Shield of the Euphrates”. The main goal of the mission — the destruction in the neighboring territories of the militants and the liberation of the occupied settlements. In addition, the military has been tasked to oust from the border areas of the Kurdish militias and the creation in these territories of a security zone.