The EU added America another state

During the meeting, the Vice-President of the USA Mike Pence and the head of the European Council Donald Tusk held on Monday in Brussels, the organizers hung the American flag wrong, reports Fox News.

So the footage of a meeting of politicians, it is clear that behind Pence and Tusk is the flag of the United States, where instead of the 50 stars 51 depicts a star.Each star on the US flag represents the state.

The TV channel notes that in Brussels “version” of the flag had three rows, which had nine stars, and three rows with eight stars, although in reality the American flag has a total of nine alternating rows each with five or six stars.

The publication also notes that the number of bands that symbolize a British colony in Brussels was not mistaken – they turned 13.

Photo: imago stock&people / Globallookpress