In the sky over Singapore was visible “fire rainbow”

In the sky over Singapore was visible “fire rainbow”

Rare natural phenomenon were able to see residents of Singapore: over the island within 15 minutes it was evident an unusual rainbow.

Colorful glow in the sky appeared on Monday in the afternoon.

Most likely it was the so-called “fire rainbow” is a rare optical effect in the atmosphere, manifested in the appearance of horizontal rainbow.

Phenomenal rainbow earlier on at amk~

— HamsLuminiq (@Hamsluminiq) February 20, 2017

The phenomenon manifests itself under certain conditions: when the sun is above 58 degrees above the horizon in the sky — Cirrus clouds and ice crystals in clouds are arranged horizontally.

Rays of sunlight pass through the ice crystals and is refracted, forming a rainbow, spectral separation of colors.

Employee children’s center Fazida Mokhtar told Bi-bi-si that the rainbow appeared in the sky around 5 PM.

“First came the little orange circle, then it began to increase and were all the other colors,” she said.