Explain the emergence of complex patterns in animals

Explain the emergence of complex patterns in animals

A group of Russian scientists led by researchers from the Institute of Bioorganic chemistry explained the mechanism by which the formation of complex spotted patterns in animals. It turned out that the main role in this process is played by proteins morphogeny that at different speeds penetrate into the tissue of embryos.

This is stated in the press release received by the editors”.ru”.

Morphogeny connection that produced a specific sector of the developing organism. They are spread diffusely through the formation of concentration gradients and affect the surrounding tissue, determining their further development. Proteins mahogany coming from different parts of the embryo, lead to the formation of bodies, and define the uneven coloring in these organisms, as com-cuckoo.

Since these compounds have a similar size and the same mobility in the environment, it remained unclear, how is the difference between the rates of their diffusion. The latter is necessary for self-organization of complex (dissipativnykh) structures, which, in turn, determine differentiation of cells.

The researchers suggested that morphogeny with different force associated with the proteoglycans — proteins located in the extracellular substance. This property provides a significant difference in speeds of diffusion. Mathematical modeling confirmed this hypothesis. It was able to explain the formation of color in catfish-cuckoo, in which the density of the spots is reduced in the direction from head to tail.

The results of the work of scientists published in the journal PLOS ONE.