US intelligence put an end to the scandal on the relationship of the tramp with Russia

US intelligence agencies have denied these media about contact the campaign headquarters of Donald trump with the staff of the Russian intelligence. With such statement on air of TV channel Fox News has made the chief of staff to the White house, the Raines Pribus, writes TASS.


According to him, unconfirmed information about such contacts were published in an article in The New York Times. Priebus claims that the American intelligence services, at the highest level, he was assuredthat “this publication is not only false, but is a significant exaggeration,” he explained.


Recall, February 14 edition of the posted material, which noted that the election headquarters of the President of trump in 2016 interacted with senior officials of Russian intelligence. About it, according to the newspaper, saying the phone records and intercepted calls.


According to one of the speakers of the newspaper, law enforcement agencies and U.S. intelligence services intercepted phone calls in that time when I was looking for evidence that Russia allegedly wanted to interfere in the election process with the help of hacker attacks.


In January it became known that US intelligence agencies have started investigation about the likely relations team trump with Russia. It was reported that investigators have data about certain financial transactions.

Photo: Gary Hershorn / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress