The surgeon suspected “hell’s Angels” in the recruitment of Russians


RIA Novosti

The leader of the motorcycle club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov, known as the Surgeon, said that the American motorcycle club Hells Angels (“hell’s Angels”) comes to Russia, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

“We have information that the “hell’s Angels” are already in Russia are sending their recruiters, and are trying everywhere to open their cell, and their adherents are already climbing in all possible power structures and power. Including and deputies. Previously, they sat quietly, did not stick out, but now, with the advent of new recruiters, re-invigorated,” said he.

According to Zaldostanov, earlier “Night wolves” appealed to lawmakers to ban the activities of such organizations in Russia, but in the answer received formal replies.

The surgeon added that recently received by Rospatent from “Nomand” application for registration of the logo of the club Hells Angels speaks about the seriousness of the American club. “Why to put in our waters a foreign ship under satanic flag which holds are filled with poison? Rospatent also can see and take into account the international experience where similar organizations are already prohibited,” — said Zaldostanov, noting that, in his opinion, registration of a brand is impossible, since it contradicts public interests, principles of morality and humanity.

Hells Angels is one of the world’s largest motorcycle club, which has branches around the world.