The DPRK media called on the US to change its policy towards Pyongyang

The DPRK media called on the US to change its policy towards Pyongyang

TOKYO, 19 Feb — RIA Novosti, Ivan Zakharchenko. North Korea called U.S. President Donald trump to take “bold decision” to change the us administration’s policies towards Pyongyang.

“The current US administration should not adopt the failed hostile policy toward Korea and make a big bold decision to change this policy”, — said in comments published on Monday in the DPRK Central newspaper “Rodong Sinmun”.

The press organ of the Central Committee workers ‘ party of Korea calls for the administration of the trump to avoid mistakes his predecessor Barack Obama, who wanted, according to the newspaper, about “change” and “collapse” in the DPRK.

As noted by the South Korean Agency Yonhap, the present publication of the DPRK for the first time calls trump’s name after his inauguration on January 20.

The DPRK has long insisted on the normalization of relations with the United States and the signing of a peace Treaty between the two countries, but Washington so far refused to even discuss the possibility.

The United States on a permanent basis contain more than 28 thousand troops in the South of the Korean Peninsula and supply weapons to Seoul to protect against the “threat from the North”. For its part, the DPRK refers to the threat from the US and boost the development of nuclear and missile programs, in spite of UNSC sanctions.