Snipers from the “Azov” hunt for the commander of the DNI Iron: people with advanced

Special correspondent of TV channel “Star” Vitaly Akinshin has been at the forefront of DNR in the village of zaytsevo, where for two years fierce fighting continues between the militia and the Kyiv security forces.


The unit commander army DND with the Callsign Iron in these positions for almost two years. Either the APU or the gang of nationalists to dislodge it from the outskirts of zaytsevo can’t, no matter how I try. Ukrainian snipers are the Iron hunt. The militants of the nationalist regiment “Azov”, says the commander, shoot in all indiscriminately. The emergence at the forefront of our crew is no exception.


On the outskirts of zaytsevo, the ruins of the school. The militia turned her into a real fortress, which covers a huge settlement.


“Another year and a half ago in this school on the outskirts of the village of zaytsevo studied more than 400 children. Now here is the ruins, and sweep through the window,” – said the correspondent of “Stars” Vitaly Akinshin.


Just 100 metres from the front house. The village zaytsevo Ukrainian artillery has long been methodically trying to mix with the earth, knowing well that many of the houses are still inhabited.


A resident of the village of Spartak Svetlana says that the basement of his house now – the only relatively safe place. In Spartacus for a long time no water, no gas, no electricity. In fact, it is advanced. From the position of APU streets exposed to direct fire. When they signed the Minsk agreement, residents began to think back to the world. But subsequent events showed that the people were wrong.


In the Donbas in late January, the situation has escalated after Ukrainian forces attempted a large-scale offensive on Donetsk. Clashes continued and in the present. So, on the eve of the DNI said that the armed forces continue to transfer to the contact line heavy artillery and tanks.