Milonov complained of the strangeness for Muscovites to speak to your manners

Vitaly Milonov

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov considers that in Moscow to his manner of expressing their thoughts are not yet accustomed. His words leads to “Fontanka” on Monday, February 20.

“In the legislative Assembly [of St. Petersburg] to me it would not be so accustomed to that I say so. And most importantly, that the deputies themselves, which were discussed, understand me correctly”, — said the MP, commenting on the forthcoming meeting of the ethics Commission, which will verify his statement about the ancestors of the deputies of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky and Maxim Reznik.

He stressed that now he will have more allegorically to comment, in particular, to replace names with aliases.

February 14, Milonov promised to put “more accurately”. Thus he commented on the demanding St. Petersburg lawmaker Alexei Kovalyov to investigate it by a psychiatrist and to prosecute.

February 12, Milonov stated that members of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, disagreed with the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral Church, exploiting the situation for political PR. “Christians survived, despite the fact that the ancestors of Boris L. Vishnevsky and Maxim Lvovich Reznik (deputies of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly, spoke out against the transfer of Isaac — approx. “Of the”) cooked us in the boilers and gave at the mercy of the beasts,” he said.