Kyiv became a shelter for Russian economic criminals

The capital of Ukraine turned into a branch of London – another refuge of the Russian economic criminals. Commented on escape to Kyiv former Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist Denis Boronenkov host of the talk show “Predictions” the political scientist Veronica Krasheninnikov.


Denis Boronenkov, barely getting a Ukrainian passport, rushed to get the loyalty of the Kiev authorities. The former Deputy of the state Duma is interviewed almost daily, they are pouring a lot of mud on Russia.


The Boronenkov emphasizes that he never voted for joining the Crimea to Russia, although on the state Duma website provides information about the results of the voting on this issue, where opposite the name “Voronenkov” is “for”. In addition, in support of this decision, retired Deputy spoke and in social networks.


Boronenkov says the Ukrainian press about his past military accomplishments. For example, the fact that he is from military service was in Afghanistan, and even got a lot of injuries during the First Chechen campaign. However, at the time of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan Voronenkov was only 17 years old, and he graduated from the Suvorov military school. Then another 13 years was engaged only in study, science and public service.


According to the former Deputy, the reason for his immigration – political persecution by the FSB, however, that the value of his property at ten times the income, prefers not to mention.


Ukraine retired Deputy escaped from Russia, where it was declared the Federal wanted list on charge in swindle in especially large sizes. He is suspected of raider capture of the building in the center of Moscow. Boronenkov settled in Kiev with his wife, former member and Opera singer Maria Maksakova.


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Photo: Sergii Kharchenko / / Globallookpress