In the state Duma has developed a bill on black lists of air passengers

The state Duma Committee on transport has developed amendments to the Air code of Russia providing for the creation of a unified register of persons who for three years forbidden flights. On Monday, February 20, writes “Kommersant”.

The black list is requested to enter data of the citizens, whose conduct on Board creates “a threat to the safety of the flight” or “life and health of other persons”, or causing “damage to their health.” The right to form a registry of offenders are invited to provide to the airlines.

The crew will have to make the citizen act and to assure him of the captain. After that the data within three days sent to the Federal air transport Agency, and there, in turn, shall within five days make them in a single register. From this point the offender prohibits the sale of tickets and flights for three years.

As an exception, according to the newspaper, aviakerosin in the future will be allowed to fly for medical treatment, funeral relatives, to accompany the disabled or to return to Russia from the countries from which you can reach only by plane.

The single register is expected to publish on the website Rosaviation. The list will be mandatory for use by all airlines whether they fly only on the territory of Russia or abroad, the newspaper notes.

The bill was sent to the presidential Council for codification and enhancement of civil legislation, which should consider it on February 20.

In November 2016, the carriers proposed to formalize the involvement of brawlers to justice and to impose against them penalties. They preferred to establish administrative responsibility for violation of public order on Board the aircraft, gross violations equate to hooliganism, but in the Air code to prescribe General rules of conduct of passengers.

In September, the CEO of the company “Aeroflot” Vitaly Savelyev has appealed to President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the offer to toughen punishment for aviakerosene. The head of state supported this initiative. According to Savelyev, the existing provisions are not always able to stop destructive passengers on Board, as “the responsibility they are only administrative, very low”. He added that the internal black list of airlines currently includes more than three thousand people.

In Russia currently, the violation of flight rules can be qualified as petty hooliganism according to article 20 of the administrative code. The maximum penalty for such offense — a fine of up to 2.5 thousand roubles or administrative arrest for 15 days.