In the Crimea has responded to the proposal of the member of Parliament for the lease of the Peninsula Russia

Grigory Ioffe

Proposal for the transfer of Crimea to Russia in the long term it is impossible to consider seriously the question of the status of the Peninsula is finally solved. This opinion was voiced by the head of the Public chamber of the Republic Grigory Ioffe on Monday, February 20, RIA Novosti reported.

“This is insane, if anyone thinks you can hire people. Crimeans in March 2014, your final choice is already made,” said Ioffe, commenting on the initiative of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andrey Artemenko.

The official stressed that Ukrainian politicians must stop in order to exaggerate the Crimean issue, as “Russia has never and with anybody will not discuss this issue.”

Earlier Artemenko said that he had prepared for the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump’s plan for lifting the sanctions against Moscow. In particular, it involves the transfer of the Peninsula is leased by Russia for 30-50 years after which in the Crimea must pass a plebiscite “under the supervision of international institutions,” which will determine its final identity.

Another paragraph must be to restore the control of Kiev over the South-East of Ukraine. “Before this is given 72 hours free corridor to the exit of those who do not want to live in Ukraine. Next is the all-Ukrainian referendum with the question whether to give special status to the Donbas,” — said the Deputy.

Restrictions against Moscow imposed by the US, EU and several other countries in the spring of 2014 on the accession of Crimea to Russia, and also in connection with the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

The reunification of the Peninsula with the Russian Federation occurred in March 2014 according to the results held on the Peninsula of the plebiscite in which the majority of Crimeans supported the decision. Kiev refuses to recognize the referendum results. Moscow stressed that the procedure was conducted in accordance with international law.

In addition, the Ukrainian authorities are also regularly accused Moscow of involvement in the conflict in the Donbass, Russia denies the accusations, citing a lack of evidence.