Wounded woman with the shotgun shooter has been apprehended in Zelenograd

Police detained in Moscow a man who opened fire with a shotgun, reports TASS.

In a press-service of the Metropolitan police Agency said that the incident occurred around 5:30 Sunday, 19 February, outside a nightclub. A drunk man from a hunting rifle shot several cars and also wounded the woman. Witnesses to the incident called the police.

Arriving at the scene officers arrested the bully, who was a resident of Yaroslavl region. According to police, the attacker came to the club in his car, tried to enter the building, but the guard missed it.
As a result of conflict with the guards, the man opened fire.

Currently, the police are talking to witnesses, examining CCTV footage, the withdrawn weapon is directed on research. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case.

In mid-February in the town of Tashtagol, the Kemerovo region the man has taken hostages, barricaded himself in his house and opened fire on arrived on the scene to the police.

February 14 in Moscow, the robbers got into a shootout with the collectors of Mail of Russia in which one of the attackers was killed, the collectors were injured.