We tear a defense – Rogozin about the new ballistic missiles of the Russian Federation

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin stated that an Intercontinental ballistic missile, which is currently in development, will be able to destroy all missile defense of the United States, reports TASS.


According to the politician, now a nuclear deterrent force of Russia consists of various types of missiles, including those that were designed in the Soviet Union, such as “Governor”, called in the West “Satan”.


“They (the”Governor” – approx. ed.) are very afraid, they are very reliable, their deadline has been extended until until new weapons, new missiles. Work on it goes according to plan,” – said Rogozin.


He added that the new weapons will be very soon, it will be able to overcome the US missile defense on a few “generations” ahead.


“We will tear this defense (antimissile defense of the USA – approx. ed). It is not for us today, in addition to provocations, and serious military threat”, – stressed the Vice Premier.

Photo: Russian Defense Ministry