Ukraine has accused Russia of cyber attacks on energy and financial systems


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The security service of Ukraine accused Russia in a wave of cyber attacks on energy and financial system. On Friday, February 17, according to Reuters.

In SBU noted that in November and December, 2016 on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine there were about 6,5 thousand cyber attacks allegedly sponsored by the Kremlin. Russian hackers blamed in the power outage, interference in industrial processes and the attack on the facilities of the state system of state Treasury, Ministry of Finance and the national Bank.

According to the head of the SBU Alexander Tkachuk, the attacks involved members of Russian security services, the hackers and IT companies, operating on the territory of Ukraine and created the BlackEnergy malware designed for cyber attacks on industrial facilities. “Russian hackers and bots have become an important tool in the fight against our country,” he said.

Tkachuk also added that the recent attacks by Russian hackers used a special mechanism called Telebots, which is designed to infect computers that control infrastructure of Ukraine.

At the end of September 2016, the FBI accused tried to hack the mobile phones of several members of the US Democratic party hackers ties with Russia. The statement of employees of the Bureau also joined by American officials. According to them, “supported by the Russian government” hackers staged a cyber attack to disrupt or influence the election of the President of the United States.