The Russian foreign Ministry spoke about the state of pilot Yaroshenko



Russian foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov in an exclusive interview told RT about at what stage are the talks on the situation with the Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, whom the United States sentenced to 20 years in prison. According to him, the rights of Russians, whose charge has not been proven properly, continue to be violated in prison. In particular, he was not given adequate medical care instead of to cure the teeth, he just deleted. We will remind, recently the mother Yaroshenko sent a letter to Donald Trump asking to return her son to Russia from-for problems with health.

— At what stage are the negotiations about the fate of Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko?

Stage is, unfortunately, still the same: we are actively working on this story with the former U.S. administration, the Obama administration. Unfortunately, the rights of the Russian citizen Konstantin Yaroshenko grossly was violated many years ago. He actually already spent seven years in prison on a charge that was never proven, he was sentenced to a long prison term, with all the evidence — kasidokostas — was collected based on the testimony of dummy agents. Totally politicized the process, the verdict, and we have consistently achieved the rights of a Russian citizen, his early return home. Unfortunately, this task has not been solved. American authorities did not meet our reasonable requirements. Of course, we will continue to work on this issue with the new American administration.

— In what condition now he Yaroshenko?

Unfortunately, his rights continue to be violated and in prison. He, in particular, is not provided and were not provided with adequate medical assistance. Many times we talked about it, such examples – he has a severe problem of dentistry. After our requests, the requests of the Russian representatives, requests the Yaroshenko, he was not even carried out operations, and manipulation of dental. As a result, one tooth healed and just eight teeth removed and all he this situation continues, interferes with normal functioning. Not given him help in other areas, it unfortunately a number of chronic diseases. Including those which have appeared or developed as a result of illegal actions of us intelligence agents at the time of arrest throughout Liberia and beyond. Of course, the lack of medical care also is not that other, as non-compliance with relevant international obligations by the us authorities.

— Did the Russian side to send to Yaroshenko their doctors?

— We have repeatedly made proposals. Was ready to send specialists, this proved unacceptable for the us authorities. Had other formulas that were offered, the result is that he was not given adequate medical assistance.

— Is there a chance that the new administration will answer mother Yaroshenko?

— We heard that the mother Yaroshenko sent some time ago a letter-petition to the President of the United States Donald Trump pardon and the return of her son home for humanitarian reasons. As far as we know, she sent this letter by mail to Washington and a copy to the Embassy of United States in Moscow. I find it difficult to assess the chances, it depends on the new us administration. Hard to guess what the reaction will be to this appeal, in any case, we will continue to work on this issue. We will defend the legitimate rights of the Russian citizen, as well as all Russian citizens who get into such situations abroad. This is one of the priorities of the Ministry of foreign Affairs abroad.

And how did you respond to the previous letters to his mother Yaroshenko previous President Barack Obama, his administration?

— How he reacted, you know, the fact remains, Yaroshenko remains behind bars. We, on the other hand, make every effort along the line of the Russian foreign Ministry and our embassies and consulates in the United States. The work will continue.