“Old” food named as a possible cause of aging

“Old” food named as a possible cause of aging

You’re what you eat. Can the “old” food, such as meat old animals, cause aging? Strange, but experiments have shown that it is possible.

The main causes of aging still is not fully understood. The basic idea is that throughout life, our bodies accumulate damage to the cells. This may be the oxidation of cells due to byproducts of aerobic respiration, but can also be a DNA damage — or a combination of both, reports New Scientist.

Professor Vadim Gladyshev of Garuda interested in the question of whether the organisms cause damage to his cells from the food consumed. He thought that once the food is digested and used as building blocks in many cellular processes, eating old organisms, in which there are also large molecular damage — can cause the animal’s aging faster than in the case of eating young animals with less molecular damage.

To test his theory the Professor Gladyshev and his colleagues grew the yeast on the basis of the old and young yeast cultures that were fed fruit flies food made from young and old flies. They also studied mice whose diet was meat of young and old deer. The animals were on a special diet from early manhood to the end of his life.

The “old” diet reduced the lifespan by 18% in yeast and 13% in flies. In mice life decreased by 13% in females, and males use “old” food does not have any effect

Vadim Gladyshev believes that increasing portions of the aging effect could be seen in both sexes.

Opponents of this theory argue that the result of the experiment have nothing to do with age and food may be explained by the different composition of nutrients in old and young meat. Team Gladysheva sought to maintain equal proportions of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the diets of mice, but the Professor himself admits that they can’t be sure that everything was the same.

In this case, and Gladyshev, and his opponents agree on one thing: in the case of human aging diet is clearly not his only reason. Because so far no one has revealed the secret of this process.