Iran intends to create a strategic Alliance with Russia in the middle East

Ali Larijani

The Chairman of the Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani stated the willingness of Tehran to create a strategic Alliance with Moscow in the middle East, reports channel Al-Mayadeen.

According to the speaker, between Iran and Russia there is no disagreement over the Syrian settlement. “We have common assessments of the situation in Syria and its future,” — said the MP. He noted the countries ‘ cooperation in the fight against terrorists in the Arab country.

Larijani also said that Iran agrees with the position of Russia and Turkey on resolving the Syrian conflict through political means.

In addition, the Chairman of the Parliament welcomed the direct dialogue “without preconditions” with the Arab countries, primarily Saudi Arabia.

Earlier it was reported that Russia, Iran and Turkey at the meeting in Astana agreed to establish a tripartite mechanism for monitoring observance of the truce in Syria. It is assumed that the body “will monitor and ensure full compliance with the cease-fire to prevent any provocations and to determine the modalities of the cease-fire.”