Forbes has estimated the cost of gift bags for nominees on “Oscar”

Forbes has estimated the cost of gift bags for nominees on “Oscar”

Moscow. 19 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — this year the nominees for the award “Oscar” in the most prestigious category will receive a cheaper gift sets, than, for example, a year earlier. The cost of the gift baskets is estimated by Forbes magazine.

According to the newspaper, this year each of them will cost less than $200 thousand, while a year ago the cost was approximately $232 thousand and a total cost of $6 million While the organizers say only that the gifts are worth more than $100 thousand.

We are talking about special sets, which sponsors give all 25 nominees in the acting categories and the directing category.

Sets include paid and travel, and invitations to expensive cosmetic procedures and even such exotic gifts, like toilet paper handmade, vibrator for $250 or a coupon for a breast lift for $1900

In 2016, the sponsors had to provide goods and services at least $4000 to their brand got in that gift basket, and that’s not counting the fixed fee for the right to give actors and Actresses.

In companies, however, agree on any spending, so as to give something with the name of your brand the celebrity is the best advertising.

However, last year the organizers of the “Oscars” sued marketing company Distinctive Assets, which is engaged in gift sets, because they are a trademark of premium and this creates her a bad reputation, giving millionaires posh stuff for free.

The parties subsequently failed to agree, and Distinctive Assets has promised to make clear, the American film Academy to these gifts is irrelevant.

Forbes notes that it is difficult to assess the cost of the gift sets, but they were clearly deshele. For example, last year, actors, Actresses and Directors received VIP tours to Israel ($55 thousand each), paid tours to Japan ($54 thousand), the contract with Audi car rental ($45 thousand), a lifelong right to obtain cosmetics luxury brand Lizora ($31 thousand).

This year’s most expensive gift was a three-day trip on a ranch in California ($40 thousand)