“Until my last breath!”: Zakharov about the lawsuit to Regnum, the Russian foreign Ministry



Maria Zakharova said message indicating that the court was attracted to her as a Respondent on the claim of Regnum news Agency by the Ministry of foreign Affairs. The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry said that “until the last breath” will defend their beliefs. Zakharov’s statement made in his account in Facebook.

“In the above-mentioned materials published by the Agency, contains the word “nedogosudarstvo” and the assertion that “the Belarusians are a national group”. It was therefore made the General conclusion, applicable to all, that the use of words such as “nedonarod” or “nedogosudarstvo” unacceptable, obscene. (…) Any manifestation or hint of humiliation of individuals, peoples or States on a national basis. And these beliefs I am ready to defend to the last breath,” said Zakharov.

In addition, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry stated that the matter has been a legal service Agency, as Zakharov, “voiced the position of the Ministry of foreign Affairs”. Preliminary hearings under the claim about protection of honor and dignity of Regnum news Agency by the Russian foreign Ministry conducts the Moscow Presnensky court. 27 Dec 2016 Maria Zakharova said that the journalists of the Agency Dmitry Alimkin, Yuri Pavlovets and Shoptenko arrested in Belarus, used in the materials, the word “nedonarod”. Regnum asks the court to declare that information is untrue.