Scientists have promised to resurrect mammoths in two years

Scientists have promised to resurrect mammoths in two years

American geneticists announced that after two years, the mammoths will no longer be a part of the history of ancient Earth: scientists are preparing to resurrect the giants, extinct 4,000 years ago.

As told by the noted Harvard biologist George Church has already been said about the hypothetical possibility of the revival of extinct species, an animal that you intend to “resurrect”, is not quite the mammoth, we saw illustrations in school textbooks on natural Sciences.

To “resurrect” the giants will be using DNA preserved in the frozen remains of animals, and modification of DNA of their descendants, inhabiting India and Africa, as well as numerous zoos around the world. So expect is “the elephant with the signs of the mammoth”, not a full-fledged ancient creature.

In any case, it will be a big step in genetic engineering: the Church is studying the problem of resurrection of extinct species than a decade, and during that time his team has found and introduced into the chromosome of the Asian elephant 45 genes of a mammoth. To obtain full experimental embryo, scientists are using advanced technology for genome editing CRISPR/Cas9, reports The Guardian.

It’s a creature that American genetics have already affectionately named “mammophant (mammovan” — from the English. mammoth and elephant), will have all the characteristics of a mammoth — reduced ears, subcutaneous fat, hair and hot blood, which helps the animal to withstand the cold

Church explains that for growing oocyte and embryo development “services” the elephant is not required, since the fruit are planning to develop an “artificial uterus”. However, until now there is no example of this method of cloning, so the Church announced the timing of the resurrection of mammoths seem very rushed.