Police in Malaysia have arrested a suspect in the murder of his brother, Kim Jong-UN

Police in Malaysia have arrested a suspect in the murder of his brother, Kim Jong-UN

BEIJING, 18 Feb — RIA Novosti, Zhanna Manukyan. Malaysian police have arrested a fourth suspect in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam is the eldest brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, they found 47-year-old citizen of North Korea, reports the Malaysian newspaper “Xinzhou Daily” with reference to sources.

According to the newspaper, the police on Friday evening arrested in Kuala Lumpur a man who presumably is related to the murder of Kim Jong-Nam.

It is reported that a suspect of 47 years. During detention there were the passport of the citizen of the DPRK.

Currently, the police checks its validity. It is noted that in the passport the man has the marks of repeated visits to Malaysia.

In addition, according to the newspaper China Press, police have released all the police pictures of four men suspected of the murder, declaring them wanted.

Earlier it was reported that police arrested two women on suspicion of murder, 29-year-old citizen of Vietnam and a 25-letnju citizen of Indonesia, and after a 26-year-old Malaysian citizen, who was a young man indonesie.

An assassination attempt on Kim Jong-Nam, took place on 13 February at the airport of Malaysia where he was supposed to fly to Macau, where members of his family. Investigators believe that the attack on the brother of North Korean leader was carried out by two women who then fled the scene of the crime.

According to different versions, Kim Jong-Nam could have been hurt, poisoned needles, splash him with a toxic liquid or to hold a face soaked in some kind of substance swab. South Korean press citing experts do not exclude that the attack could be used as toxic nerve agents VX. The official conclusion about the cause of death yet.