Died an American, having achieved the legalization of abortion in the United States

Died an American, having achieved the legalization of abortion in the United States

In Texas at the age of 69 years died Norma Mccorvy, filed in the U.S. Supreme court lawsuit, in which the country had legalized abortion.

The case in which the Supreme court January 22, 1973, he took a precedent decision establishing a constitutional right to abortion, known in the USA as “ROE V. Wade”.

Under the pseudonym Jane ROE was hiding Makkolli, ironically, who became subsequently a principled opponent of abortion. Her opponent was the Prosecutor of Texas County of Dallas Henry Wade, defended a state law banning abortions.

Prior to “ROE V. Wade” abortion in some States was prohibited, except in cases of threat to the life of the mother, in other States had severe restrictions on abortion.

In the end, the U.S. Supreme court ruled that during the first three months of pregnancy, the woman or her doctor are free to decide about abortion without any legal restrictions. Known limitations went into effect in the later period of pregnancy.

That decision struck down all restrictions on abortion in some States.

In 1995, Norma Mccorvy, which became a symbol of the movement for the right to abortion, the surprise of its supporters were baptized and joined the activists, who opposed abortion.

As reported by the Washington Post, she considered herself to be a victim of its own lawyers who took advantage of her desire to terminate the pregnancy, to create a judicial precedent.

Her most famous decision of the court was useless, by the time, after all appeals of Texas prosecutors, the final decision was made, her child was already 2.5 years. She gave him up for adoption.

American conservatives have been dreaming about cancellation of the decision in the case “ROE V. Wade”.

During the election campaign Donald trump promised to appoint to the Supreme court judge who was an opponent of abortion, to the conservatives got in court the most and could reconsider the decision in 1973.

Speaking on abortion, trump painted a horrifying picture of “babies torn from a woman’s womb for three or four days before the birth.”

Vice-President Mike Pence also gave to understand that he is considered a staunch opponent of abortion.

In July, he said, “I’m against abortion and not going to apologize for it,” and added that the Supreme court decision legalizing abortion “will go into the dustbin of history where he belongs”.