The American elite craves a nuclear war with Russia – expert

Part of the American political elite supports a possible nuclear war with Russia. About this on air of the program “the Process” , said Director of the Museum of air defense forces Yuri Whip.


“Part of the American establishment for war relates quite positively, the same Senator McCain, who called for a nuclear war. But that nuclear war should be conducted, as now in the USA there is a theory of rapid global strike, that is, in such a way that Russia will not have time to answer. Supporters of this concept in the US a lot, in the Pentagon and among members of Congress. So there is a danger,” said Whips.


The Director of the Museum of air defense forces noted that the CIA has recently studied the condition of the bunkers on the territory of Russia.


“Just recently a report was published that the CIA had conducted research on the state of the atomic shelters in Russia, and whether the political leadership of the Russian Federation to take refuge in these shelters, and whether these shelters to protect the bulk of the population of Russia in case of a preventive nuclear strike,” added Whips.


However, he pointed out the existing contradiction between the words of the President of the United States Donald trump, who talks about the need to improve relations with Moscow, and the actions of the Pentagon.