In the United States in several major cities, the migrants went on strike

In the United States in several major cities, the migrants went on strike

MOSCOW, February 17 — RIA Novosti. The action “Day without immigrants” was launched Thursday in several major US cities, turning the interruption of business and failure of the migrants to spend money, reports CNN.


The rally was organized to show the administration of U.S. President Donald trump, as many immigrants do for the economy amid the tight presidential decrees in relation to visitors, the report said.

“The city felt it on Thursday in connection with the closing of businesses and the refusal of immigrants to spend money in that day,” notes CNN.

According to the channel, “many immigrants and business owners refused to work in solidarity”.

After learning about the campaign, some restaurant staff has done “double duty” in advance that the business is not affected.

For example, in school a Little Red Fox in Washington, whose leader Matt Carr is allowed to make a “strike” to their employees, although their work is an important part of his business.

Publication of the Little Red Fox (@littleredfoxdc) Feb 16 2017 5:11 PST

Thursday refused to work in County administration Sanjuana Gonzalez, whose family moved to Texas from Mexico in 1988 to work on the farm. “I told my daughter that today we do not buy anything and not eat out,” said Gonzalez. Also stopped work an employee beauty salon in Dallas. On strikes in large enterprises are not reported.

However, because of the “Day without immigrants” hit and cultural life.

In particular, in Massachusetts the management of the Museum of art Davis Museum was removed from the wall paintings, which were created by the artists-migrants or were transferred to the Museum from migrants.

Instead these paintings hanging in the Museum plaques “made or granted to an immigrant,” notes CNN.

Art-less #artless

— Davis Museum (@theDavisMuseum) 17 Feb 2017.

The reason for the protest was the introduction of the President of the United States Donald trump rigid rules on the deportation of migrants who have been convicted of crimes. In addition, the dissatisfaction of the migrants has caused the President’s decree on temporary ban on entering the United States to citizens of seven countries. The effect of this decree was challenged in U.S. court, 17 February the court of appeal adjourned the proceedings.