Us Congressman in one sentence proposed to abolish the Ministry of education

Us Congressman Thomas Massie has taken the initiative to eliminate the U.S. Department of education. The text of the bill posted on the website of the policy.

The document consists of one phrase: “the Ministry of education terminates on 31 December 2018”.

“Neither the Congress nor the President, through his appointees, have no constitutional authority to dictate what and how to learn from our children,” said Massey.

Commenting on his initiative, the Congressman proposed to transfer the functions of the Ministry at the regional level.

According to him, officials in Washington should not be responsible for the intellectual and moral development of children, and individual States and local communities have the best ideas about how to shape educational programs that meet the needs of students.

“Parents have the right to choose the most appropriate educational opportunities for their children, including at home, in public or private school,” — said the politician.

Massey initiative supported by seven members of the house of representatives.