In Novosibirsk the pensioner was banned from flying in a homemade plane

The Village Of Verkh-Tula

In the Novosibirsk region court has banned the pensioner to fly a homemade plane and fined him two thousand rubles. On Thursday, February 16, reported on the website of the West Siberian transport Prosecutor’s office.

It is established that the inhabitant of the village Verkh-Tula produced his own light aircraft and during the summer of 2016 served flights over the horticultural non-commercial partnership (SNT) Ovrazhki. “Contrary to the requirements of flight safety, the aircraft had no registration and markings, certificate of airworthiness; on Board missing ship and on-Board documents, an emergency beacon,” — said in a statement.

It is specified that the pensioner was flying without a pilot license, he also did not pass the mandatory medical examination.

In September of 2016, near the airfield Protasovo in the Ryazan region crashed a homemade aircraft. The pilot died from his injuries.