British defense Minister accused Russia of attempts to split the NATO

Michael Fallon

Russia is trying to destabilize the West and NATO, including through the media. This was stated in an interview with Sky News, the British defense Secretary Michael Fallon.

“Russia is trying to destabilize the West is trying to divide the Alliance. One of the key points today is that the Alliance understands the need to unite in the fight against all these threats. Whether it’s terrorism, Russian aggression, cyber threats, the Alliance needs to stay one”, — said the Minister.

Fallon again accused Russia of meddling in elections in France and Bulgaria, as well as the fact that Moscow is carrying out a “soft propaganda” in the United Kingdom through the “channel, which it has in the UK and through the news agencies, it has the impact on the UK”.

On 15 February, the Pentagon chief James Mattis meeting with defense Ministers of countries-members of NATO declared that negotiations with Russia must lead from a position of strength. According to him, despite attempts to communicate with Moscow, the Alliance must be prepared to protect yourself in the case that “Russia wants to act contrary to international law”.

In recent months, Russia is regularly accused of meddling in the elections in the US and some European countries. Appropriate approvals, in particular, contained in the published January 6, declassified part of the report prepared by the Central intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of investigation and the national security Agency. Moscow these accusations consistently rejects.