Russian media played McCain

Russian pranker Vovan (Vladimir Kuznetsov) and Lexus (Alexey Stolyarov) spoke about the fact that he played U.S. senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Mitch Macconnel on the theme of anti-Russian sanctions.


“We played McCain, Lindsey Graham and majority leader of the Republicans in Congress Mitch McConnell on the topic of anti-Russian sanctions, but yet can not tell”, — quotes the words of Vladimir Kuznetsov to RIA Novosti.


John McCain earlier called on Donald trump to provide military assistance to Ukraine.


February 13, Vova, and Lexus has posted a video conversation with a member of Congress from California Maxine waters, which believe in the existence of the country, the Limpopo, which with Russia’s President, was appointed veterinarian.

Photo: Will Seberger / Globallookpress