The media learned about the decision not to raise the sunken in the Mediterranean sea MiG-29K and su-33


RIA Novosti

Russian MiG-29K and su-33, sunk during the campaign, the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” to the shores of Syria, will not rise. This is with reference to sources in the defense Ministry and the aviation industry reports video News Service.

“After the fall of carrier-based fighter aircraft close to the coast of Syria has considered the possibility of lifting from the bottom. However, after assessing all factors, this operation is considered unwise,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, to the place of destruction of the aircraft would have had to send a special deep-sea vehicles and a boat for search operations. “It’s quite an expensive event. The costs are not justified,” added the source RNS.

Another interviewee said that the need to raise the fighters there. “On Board the aircraft, of course, there are sensitive equipment that must not fall into the wrong hands. First of all, it is an instrument IFF systems. But during ejection of the pilot, this equipment should automatically self-destruct,” said he.

A campaign group of warships of the Northern fleet, which included the “Admiral Kuznetsov”, was held from October 2016 to February of this year. While in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean was lost two fighters (su-33 and MiG-29КР) for non-combat reasons.