The Minsk agreement “survive” the current Ukrainian government – expert

The Minsk agreements have all the chances to “survive” the current Ukrainian government. This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko in an interview to Sputnik International.

According to the analyst, the main reason for the “vitality” of the agreements is that despite the attempts of the current Ukrainian authorities to sabotage the agreement, Kiev has little influence on it.

Ishchenko said that the Minsk agreement was signed by representatives of Russia, Germany, France, the DNI and the LC, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko refused to sign the final version of the document. Thus, the agreement signed by one group of States forced to comply with the party not signatory to these agreements.

However, the initiative to resolve the conflict in the East of the country remained on the side of Moscow, Berlin and Paris, Kiev is left behind. As a consequence, it does not matter what kind of government will work over the observance of the Minsk agreements.

Photo: Press service of the President of Russia