The media called the true cause of the failure of Merkel on a meeting with Netanyahu

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to Haaretz newspaper, refused a joint summit with Prime Minister Netanyahu because of the law on the legalization of Jewish settlements in the disputed territories. This was reported on the newspaper’s website.

Close to diplomatic circles, the source explained to the newspaper that the German side is very unhappy adopted by the Knesset (Parliament) by law, and uses all possible channels to demonstrate your reaction. While the official reason for the cancellation is scheduled for may 10 meeting in Jerusalem is supposed to be scheduled for September elections in Germany.

Meeting of heads of governments of the two countries for the last several years are held annually, alternately in Berlin, then in Jerusalem. In the framework of meetings at the level of heads of government and Ministers, as well as one General meeting of Cabinet. The purpose of the summits is to emphasize the development of cooperation between the two countries.

On 7 February, the Knesset by majority of votes adopted a law that would legalize nearly four million homes by Israeli settlers, illegally built in the Palestinian territories on the West Bank of the Jordan river.

According to Reuters, despite the fact that the document was supported by the ruling coalition, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unofficially opposed its adoption, fearing that the law will be the basis for prosecution by the International criminal court in the Hague. Netanyahu urged lawmakers to postpone voting until its meeting with the President of the United States Donald trump is scheduled for February 15.

The representative of the Palestine liberation Organization Hanan Ashrawi said that the adoption of the law gives Israeli settlers the green light to the occupation of land, and accused the Netanyahu government in the “destruction of the foundations of coexistence,” Palestine and Israel.

23 December 2016 the UN security Council demanded that Israel cease construction of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. The resolution was supported by all security Council members except the US, which abstained. Israel to implement the decision refused.