A resident of the Urals became a Jack Daniels

Residents of the Urals in 2016, changed the traditional names for Lucifer and Jack Daniels. This was told Deputy chief of management the registry office of the Sverdlovsk region Larisa Nikonova, RIA Novosti reported.

“In 2016 we was 2,3 thousands of acts to change name and surname. The main reasons for this — the desire of citizens to take a premarital surname, the name of the mother or father, grandmother or grandfather, one case is associated with baptism. Not without its oddities, such as Ivan became Tamerlane, Renat — Lucifer. Usually one year is enough for a fun, often citizens then return to their previous names”, — said Nikonov.

She added that born in the Urals kids last year, called Odysseus, the Ermak, Elton, Bagheera, Dordoni, the Lily, the Moon, and Joy.

Also, according to Nikonova, in 2016, the people of the region took the name of King, King, Lord, Earl, new York, Wise, Venerable, Great, Happy, Beautiful.

In the Vladimir region in January, the parents changed the name of the two son with Rasul on Putin. Born in February the cousin of the boy was named Shoigu.

Earlier in Perm in a family of Satanists Menshikovs kids named Lucifer and Waldemar.