The Ambassador of Russia in Belarus has rejected the introduction of passport control at the border

Alexander Surikov

Moscow and Minsk discussed the possibility of introducing passport control on the Russian-Belarusian border. This was announced by Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov in an interview with TASS, published on Friday, February 10.

“Not yet discussed or considered. Let’s see what are the results of the discussion in the joint Pogrankondushi is its scope,” said the diplomat.

He also said that the introduction of the Moscow frontier zone along the borders for visa-free regime in Belarus — “focus on countering the hypothetical risk associated with our work in Syria.” For Belarusians this decision will have no effect, said Surikov.

“Russia is actively fighting terrorism, and arms. In Syria, we are joined by our HQs. We therefore, anticipating these possible things, put border posts and entered the border zone on the border of Russia and Belarus”, — said the diplomat.

At the end of January, the management of FSB of Russia ordered to establish a frontier zone on the border with Belarus in Smolensk, Pskov and Bryansk regions. The entry of vehicles or the passage of persons to the frontier possible for identity documents or a special permit. Minsk criticized the decision as being political.

The disposal is due to the expected entry into force of the decree of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is on a five-day visa-free regime for citizens of 80 countries crossing the state border at the airport of Minsk. Because the border between Russia and Belarus exists formally and in practice it can easily cross without any inspections, citizens of third countries were able to enter the Russian territory without going through the necessary procedures.