Built on the blood, end with blood – an expert on the regime Poroshenko

People who come to power through force, as did the team of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, befalls the same fate. This point of view in an interview with “Stars” expressed the Director of anti-war films Igor Lopatonok.


“I want to say one thing: everything that originally built on the blood, ends with blood. This so-called “revolution of dignity”, namely the revolution on the Maidan were involved in the blood,” said the Director.


“People’s hands have been dipped in the blood to bind their responsibility. The state, which is built on these principles will be swept away by this phenomenon. I as a man of culture say. So history shows, and the story of these people (the Ukrainian authorities) know is bad,” – said the expert.


A coup occurred in Ukraine in late February 2014. It was preceded by a multi-week standoff in the center of Kiev members of the so-called Euromaidan and law enforcement officers.


The coup was the removal from power of President Viktor Yanukovych and his fleeing from physical violence in Russia. The victims of those events were more than 100 people.

Photo: Tomas Senkar/ CTK/ Globallookpress