Ukraine is proud of assassinations – the Director Igor Lopatonok

The assassination of the commander of the militia of Donbass Mikhail Tolstykh definitely worth the Ukrainian leadership. Such opinion in interview to “the Star” stated producer and Director Igor Lopatonok, known for the creation of a number of anti-war films.


“No need to be Sherlock Holmes to understand that it is beneficial especially to those against whom he fought. That is, it is beneficial to the regime in Kiev. In recent years the Ukrainian nation reminds the nation of the assassination. And they are proud of it. This is something that is morally and ethically acceptable in Ukraine under this regime,” Poyang it.


“So no other versions I have. This is a planned, military and intelligence operation. I think the Kiev government is behind this. Who’s planning: intelligence, counter-intelligence, Ministry of defense? Well, it’s (in any case) act of sabotage, this is a military operation,” added Lopatonok.


The commander of the battalion of militia DND “Somalia” was killed on the morning of 8 February. The authorities of the unrecognized Republic acknowledged the incident a terrorist attack and accused of a crime Kiev authorities.