The United States decided to provide humanitarian aid to North Korea

The United States decided to provide humanitarian aid to North Korea

The US government has decided to provide humanitarian aid to North Korea in connection with the September flooding, which killed more than 130 people. On Saturday, February 11, reports TASS with reference to the news Agency KCNA.

In the moment between the US and North Korea there is no diplomatic relations, all bilateral issues are dealt through representation of Sweden to the DPRK.

10 Feb US President Donald trump called the neutralization of the nuclear and missile threats from North Korea a priority. He urged the authorities of North Korea to curtail nuclear and missile programs and refrain from provocative actions.

January 12, the United States expanded the sanctions list against North Korea. The list includes the Ministry of labor, the State planning Committee and seven officers. the Restrictive measures taken “in response to continuing serious abuses of human rights and the actions of censorship”.

For the first week of September 2016 to the North of the Korean Peninsula fell to 320 millimeters of rain, came from the banks of the Duman river (Misty). As a result of severe flooding killed more than 130 people, and about 400 missing. Tens of thousands of residents of the region were left homeless.

Authorities declared a mass mobilization at the 200-day campaign on elimination of consequences of natural disasters and assistance to victims. Representatives of the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs, the red cross and international non-governmental organizations visited the affected areas to assess the consequences of floods and the needs of the local population.