The Russian military has distributed 1.5 tons of aid to residents of the Syrian province of HOMS

In the town of talkalakh in HOMS province was delivered 1.5 tons of food and medicine. As reported TASS, said the representative of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria Sergey Drogin.

“During the humanitarian operation in the village of talkalakh HOMS province Centre for reconciliation the warring parties for needy families were issued food rations were also deployed medical facility, where a reception was held and patients issued by the medicines”, he said.

The population of the city of talkalakh is more than 50 thousand people.

On Friday, February 10, it was reported that the government troops launched an offensive on the positions of militants “Islamic state” in HOMS. Clashes take place in desert regions of the province where oil and gas deposits.

All, according to the Center for reconciliation since the beginning of the humanitarian actions in Syria military doctors provided medical assistance to more than 7 thousand people. Ministry of defense of Russia has repeatedly appealed to the leading foreign countries and organizations to support the efforts of the Russian side to provide humanitarian assistance to the population of Syria.