Police helicopter shot the bandits: the video

In Mexico as a result of the RAID was eliminated, the head of a drug cartel and several of his accomplices. As reported by the Daily Star, talking about the head of the “Beltran Leyva” Juan Francisco Sanchez, the Cartridge and the seven bandits.


Online published a video of the RAID made by the witnesses and from surveillance cameras. The reason, as the helicopter circling above the buildings in the night sky of the city of Tepic in the West, suddenly the police open fire on the cars of offenders.


The cartel “Beltran Leyva” was founded by the four Beltran Leyva brothers. In 2008, the members of the group killed Edgar Eusebio Gomez, one of the heads of the police of Mexico. After that, the authorities managed to eliminate or arrest all the leaders of the criminal gang at the time.

Video: Life Adventures, RifandoMisiónTV / YouTube