In the crush at the stadium in Angola has killed 17 people

Fans of the national team of Angola football

In a stampede that occurred during a football match between teams from the city of Uige in Northern Angola, killing at least 17 people. About it reports Reuters.

“At the stadium there was a stampede. As a result, some people got out of the crowd literally on the heads of others. The incident injured 76 people, 17 of whom died,” said Ernesto Luis, the head of the local hospital.

On 26 December the ship with the football team and fans on Board was wrecked on the shores of lake albert in Uganda. As a result, nine people were killed. As the witness said occurred, many passengers sat on the edge of the ship, forcing him to lose balance. Also, the commander of the local police, John Rothera reported that the steering of the ship and most people were in a state of intoxication before setting sail.