Trump has agreed to follow the policy of “one China”

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump has agreed to continue to follow the policy of “one China.” He assured the President of China XI Jinping during a telephone conversation, reports Reuters, citing the White house.

As noted, the two leaders held a long telephone conversation on Thursday evening, February 9.

“The representatives of the United States and China will participate in discussions and negotiations on various issues of mutual interest”, — said in a statement.

Also the leaders of the countries proposed to hold a personal meeting, and invited each other to itself.

The call was described in the White house as “cordial conversation” during which the heads of state expressed their best wishes to the peoples.

The day before, 8 February, trump sent XI Jinping a letter in which he said he hoped for cooperation with his Chinese counterpart to “develop constructive relationships” that benefit both countries.

Relations between the US and China escalated after trump spoke by phone with the leader of Taiwan Cai Invent that caused outrage Beijing. 12 December 2016, the Republican said no to Beijing to decide with whom to communicate. 4 Dec trump in his Twitter criticized the economic policy of China and its military activity in the South China sea.