The Federation Council opposed the idea to look for debtors alimony not more than a year


RIA Novosti

The proposal of the Ministry of justice to allow bailiffs to stop looking for debtors alimony, if they are not given the result of over a year of searching, “fundamentally wrong” and not consistent with the idea of social and protective role of the state, is convinced a member of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Elena Afanasyeva.

The Ministry of justice of Russia has developed a bill authorizing bailiffs to close the enforcement proceedings on alimony in the case that a year of searching the debtor did not produce results, said Wednesday the Agency.

“This question is fundamentally wrong, I am categorically against such an initiative. I hope my colleagues will support it, ” said Afanasyev RIA Novosti.

As noted by the Senator, refusing to protect the interests of one of the most vulnerable groups — single mothers, the state thereby waives its functions of social guarantees and human rights functions, which is totally contrary to the Constitution. This solution not only makes life easier for the perpetrators of the crime, but is “absolutely inhumane” towards the children, she said.

“It amazes me that a limitation on the Statute of limitations to the search of the debtor in respect of maintenance, whereas Bank loans the debtor can go on forever, literally for decades. However, unlike banks, single mothers can not provide the wanted wife,” said Afanasyev.

According to the Senator, if the state authorizes a termination of search of the debtor alimony, it must itself assume the obligation to pay child support as a single mother. “And when will be the debtor, let the state impose a pecuniary claim for incurred expenses. This will be true,” she said.