Named possible cause of the explosion at a French nuclear power plant

The cause of the explosion and ensuing fire at a nuclear power plant in the French town of Haubourdin (lower Normandy region) could be a short circuit. This is with reference to data of local authorities said on Thursday, February 9, Ouest France.

The final conclusion about the causes of the incident should make experts and engineers-nuclear operator Electricite de France (EDF).

The explosion in the engine room of the power plant occurred on the morning of 9 February. The accident injured five employees, they were poisoned by carbon monoxide.

The fire was quickly localized. Reactor area in the accident received no damage, the risk of radioactive contamination there.

For nuclear power plants “Haubourdin” previously it was a variety of incidents. In particular, in October 2012 was discovered a radiation leak inside one of the stopped reactors, which was on maintenance. Evacuation of personnel was conducted.