In the state Duma has proposed to allow to serve under contract to citizens without higher education

The state Duma Committee on defense today recommended the lower chamber of the Parliament adopted in first reading a government bill allowing to conclude the contract on passage of military service the citizens not residing in the reserve, and the military, serving under call, if they have secondary professional education. On Thursday, February 9, reports TASS.

According to current regulations to enter military service under the contract, not having served on an appeal, can be only men, not being in stock, and conscripts with higher education.

“Every year, civic organizations produce approximately 500 thousand of technical specialists with secondary vocational education, most of them directly after graduation, subject to an appeal on military service”, — stated in the explanatory note, a copy of which is available to the Agency.

It is noted that during the spring conscription campaign last year, was called to more than 32 thousand people with secondary professional education. Many of them “showed strong interest in the conclusion of the contract on passage of military service”. “Social status of these citizens determine their sustainable motivation (…) and the level of education received meets the requirements for most military specialties enlisted, NCO and warrant officers of the technical professions”, — said in the document.

The authors add that the soldiers, having secondary vocational education is able in a short time “to master the skills necessary for the performance of official duties related to the operation of complex weapons and military equipment”.

In addition, it shows that the purpose of the legislative initiative is to improve the manning of the Russian Armed forces, troops, national guard, rescue military formations of the Ministry of emergency situations, foreign intelligence service and state security.

In January of this year, the head of the Main organizational-mobilization Directorate of the General staff Colonel-General Vasily Tonkoshkura, speaking at a press conference on the results of the autumn call said that the share of recruits with higher education in the Russian army in recent years has grown substantially. According to him, the high school diploma has nearly every fifth kid who enlisted.