Embassy in Nigeria reported as taken hostage by the Russian sailors

The ship BBC Caribbean

Captured by pirates in Nigeria eight sailors from Russia and Ukraine are alive and well. This was reported by RIA Novosti press-attache of the Russian Embassy in Abuja Artem Romanov.

To comment further, he refused, citing security concerns. “The Embassy is involved in this situation,” the diplomat added.

On 7 February the Russian diplomatic mission in Abuja said that the pirates attacked and captured the ship BBC Caribbean, owned by the Briese group of companies. His side was kidnapped seven Russians and one citizen of Ukraine.

Pirates operating near the Nigerian coast, and attacked a foreign court to seize the goods and kidnapping crew members for ransom. As a rule, after long negotiations, the sailors are on the loose, while the amount paid for their release are not known.

The latest incident of this kind with the Russian sailors occurred at the end of November 2016. They were released three weeks later.