Eduard Rossel announced a highly top-secret archives about the Dyatlov pass

Eduard Rossel

Former Governor of Sverdlovsk region Eduard Rossel said that he respects the scientists trying to understand what happened at the Dyatlov pass in 1959, but noted that all incident data is classified at the Federal level, reports RIA Novosti.

“The issue of access to archival documents can only address the Federal government and security of Russia”, — said Eduard Rossel. He offered his respects to Peter Bartholomew and his associates, for many years investigating the deaths at Dyatlov pass. Rossel added that he himself, as a “true Ural”, is not indifferent to this tragedy.

Academician Peter Bartholomew was sent to Rossel a letter asking about getting access to archival information two years ago, admitted the former Governor. Bartholomew addressed a similar request to the defense Ministry.

In the winter of 1959 nine travelers under the leadership of the student Igor Dyatlov went on a ski trip in the Sverdlovsk region. During all the tourists died, the circumstances of their death is still unknown. The pass, where the tragedy occurred, was named the leader of the group.

Were put forward different versions of the tragedy, in particular the testing of radioactive weapons, and contact with alien beings. 21 Jul 2016 researcher Yury Kuntsevich spoke about his hypothesis that the group of Dyatlov was two KGB officers, who were on a mission to support technological experiment.