The Ukrainian police called the main version of the murder of Pavel Sheremet

Ukrainian police announced the official cause of death of the journalist Pavel Sheremet. As stated by the Deputy head of the national police – the chief of investigative management Alexander Vakulenko, the journalist was killed because of traumatic shock and significant blood loss, reports channel “112 Ukraine”.


In addition, according to the Deputy head of national police in the priority version of murder of the journalist considers his professional activity.


“The priority is to update the professional activities of mass media as a journalist on the territory of Ukraine and abroad,” said Vakulenko.


“Repeatedly voiced version: error in the object, as well as conflicts in his personal life. I want to say that during the investigation the last two versions worked out, and today they are not a priority in the investigation”, – said Deputy head of the national police.


The car, which was Pavel Sheremet exploded in the center of Kiev in July 2016. Most likely, the car blew up by a radio-controlled explosive device. The journalist died in the ambulance from blood loss.


Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian journalist in the past two years lived and worked in Kiev. The chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios claimed that before the death Sheremet visited Moscow and met with the people closest to former President Viktor Yanukovych.

Video: Alexey Klimenko / YouTube

Photo: Serg Glovny / / Globallookpress